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We have modern equipment for processing of all range of steels, and Al alloys, i.e plasma and oxyfuel cutting, water jet cutting , CNC press brakes, band saws, EWM inverter power supplies for GMA/GTA welding, blasting chamber, a wet painting chamber. However the most important capital of the company is qualified and skilled crew!

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The past:

FRENZAK Sp. z.o.o. was established in 1991 by two polish engineers Eugeniusz and Franciszek Żak and German citizen Siegfried Frenzen. Main production profile was manufacturing of workshop cranes with capatity of 5000 kgs. At the beginning our market was Western Europe, mainly West Germany. Annual turnover in 1992 did not exceed 100 000 DM (German Mark). After 2 years of existence, cooperation with Scandinavian producer for municipal equipment has began. Continous development forced expansion of production area and investment in machineries. In 1995 FRENZAK purchased over 4000sqm parcel in Mikolow where headquater of the company is placed until today. Within two years new 990sqm workshop was built. However investment plan also included expansion over next 1000sqm workshop. In 1999/2000 financial crisis caused sagnificant drop in sales. Cooperation with - only at the time - Swedish customer was strongly developed . In 2002 company started big investments in machineries. We have invested in High Definition Plasma cutting machine (HYPERTHERM), modern inverter EWM welding units and many other interesting equipment. Since the recession in 2000 we invested in equipment more then 1000000 EUR. We have improved production capacity to 2000sqm total production area and still investing in new production technology, equipment to improve working conditions to ensure high quality of products and service, customer's satisfaction and a leading position in the market.

The presence

Frenzak is family owned middle sized enterprise which has been providing a high quality machinery parts fabrication for over 20 years. Frenzak is known for middle sized components for ferrous and non ferrous metallic materials. We have good reputation for providing high quality products for our customers. We produce right first time, and small series for different parts, but also mechanical assembly.


We know how to save time and money in production. We call it optimal production, and as a solution provider for our customers, advise production-focused design. Currently, our design office is equipped with 3D modeling software (CATIA, SolidWorks). Optimisation usually takes place in early stage of prototype production. Having knowlege about production processes and customer's demands We combine both factors to reach requested goal.


The production department has right equipment for sheet metal prefabrication, loss treatment, and surface treatment Our capacity covers Sheet metal prefabrication with thermal and waterjet cutting, plastic forming, Welding with CNC controlled, modern inverter units.blasting chamber, spray painting chamber and many more, precisely described in bookmark "capacity".


Thorough production process constant inspection procedures ensure ISO conformity and traceability for material procurement and purchase, up to final inspection. All interprocedural and final inspection procedures are superfised by our engineers. Sufficient inspection and reports are performed using proper tools i.e. Portable measuring arm STINGER IIi from Cimcore and high accuracy is an integral part of the production process. Only by that kind of supervisory and constant check good quality can be reached.